We live in a virtual world, orchestrating our business and personal lives through a tiny glass screen. Our business is conducted on the move...from our cars, laptops, phones, and in a chair at the local Starbucks. How much time did you spend doing business at your broker's office last month? What percentage of your splits and/or fees go to pay for the expenses of that office?

Overhead is the Achilles heel of modern Real Estate Brokerage, along with a failure to adapt to the quickly changing landscape. At The Vaile Group, our model was developed with this problem specifically in mind. Our mission is to provide the agent with everything they need to do business today...and nothing they don't. The result is arguably the highest value for the lowest cost available in the DFW market. Explore what we have to offer below, then reach out to hear more!


Provided by Broker at NO COST to Agent
(BackAgent Platform)

Dedicated Agent Website
Full IDX Integration and MLS Property Search
Hosted Email Account
Voluntary Client Registration w/Lead Capture
Email Notification of New Leads
CRM for Contact Management
Office Intranet for Communication
Paperless Transaction Management
Promotional Marketing Platform

Plus: Realtime Broker Support, Coaching and Mentoring!